You’ll Notice Me More When I’m Already Gone

when im gone, you’re gonna miss me!

Thought Catalog


You’ll smell my hair more when my head isn’t resting next to yours. Your sheets will carry me softly first and then it will grow stronger until you cannot know for sure if I am there or not.

You will hear me softly singing in the shower and you’ll walk over to the bathroom to find me there and maybe join me but instead you’ll find an empty space.

You will hear my voice in every crowded place and you’ll turn around in circles searching through the room, craning your neck, squinting your eyes, following the sounds that you know will bring me home.

You will feel drawn to follow any long mane of wild, unruly dark hair in hopes that you’ll run your hands through it and pull my sweet lips to yours. Urgently at first. Where have I been? You’ve missed me.

You will wake up in…

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