You Should Choose The Lifestyle You Want Over The Person You Want

I learned the hard way, so after the storm i begin to love myself way harder than any body else, cherished my family more than anything and above all I keep the faith in God that He will guide and protect me.
I choose to be single and productive, i choose the brave path of being alone while trying to reach my dreams, i prefer toxic days and overtime at work than drama days, i hate heartbreaks because i know i dont deserve it anymore. Therefore with no regrets i can say I proudly choose the lifestyle i want, the travels i’ve been too and the future adventure im planning to do 🙂

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Life presents us with a lot of hard choices.

What clothing to put on in the morning. Milk or cream in our coffee. Who to spend the rest of our lives with, and what to do if we want completely different things out of it than they do.

There are pre-designed answers to these questions, of course. High-waisted jeans. Milk is less fattening. Pick the person you want to be with, because love conquers all. We have a specific set of rules we ought to follow as we plough through the tough questions in lives and they all come with pre-determined outcomes.

The outcome of choosing the right pants is getting complimented by the trendy girl in your office. Picking milk means you won’t feel as bloated. Picking the person you love over the life that you want means your sense of self-worth will slowly degrade and deteriorate over…

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