You’ll Notice Me More When I’m Already Gone

when im gone, you’re gonna miss me!

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You’ll smell my hair more when my head isn’t resting next to yours. Your sheets will carry me softly first and then it will grow stronger until you cannot know for sure if I am there or not.

You will hear me softly singing in the shower and you’ll walk over to the bathroom to find me there and maybe join me but instead you’ll find an empty space.

You will hear my voice in every crowded place and you’ll turn around in circles searching through the room, craning your neck, squinting your eyes, following the sounds that you know will bring me home.

You will feel drawn to follow any long mane of wild, unruly dark hair in hopes that you’ll run your hands through it and pull my sweet lips to yours. Urgently at first. Where have I been? You’ve missed me.

You will wake up in…

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This Is How You Lost Me

im lost. you lost.

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BrunoBrunan BrunoBrunan

I can be the one that got away. I can be the one who never was, the one who will never be. I will always be the one who had the guts to tell you how I felt. I will always be the one left hurting. Always be the one left behind.

You lost me when the texts got shorter and my phone rang less often as it did before. You lost me when replies got slower and messages were sent less often than it was. You lost me because it felt like reaching out to someone fading away. It felt like I was shouting for help yet no one else can hear me but myself. I was drowning in my own thoughts with no one left to save me. I thought it could be you but you were nowhere to be found.

You lost me when you started…

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You Should Choose The Lifestyle You Want Over The Person You Want

I learned the hard way, so after the storm i begin to love myself way harder than any body else, cherished my family more than anything and above all I keep the faith in God that He will guide and protect me.
I choose to be single and productive, i choose the brave path of being alone while trying to reach my dreams, i prefer toxic days and overtime at work than drama days, i hate heartbreaks because i know i dont deserve it anymore. Therefore with no regrets i can say I proudly choose the lifestyle i want, the travels i’ve been too and the future adventure im planning to do 🙂

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Life presents us with a lot of hard choices.

What clothing to put on in the morning. Milk or cream in our coffee. Who to spend the rest of our lives with, and what to do if we want completely different things out of it than they do.

There are pre-designed answers to these questions, of course. High-waisted jeans. Milk is less fattening. Pick the person you want to be with, because love conquers all. We have a specific set of rules we ought to follow as we plough through the tough questions in lives and they all come with pre-determined outcomes.

The outcome of choosing the right pants is getting complimented by the trendy girl in your office. Picking milk means you won’t feel as bloated. Picking the person you love over the life that you want means your sense of self-worth will slowly degrade and deteriorate over…

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To The Women Whose Lives Are Not Love Stories

here’s to more fun, adventure and travels.
Cheers to all the brave empowered women! :))

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Here’s to the women whose lives are not love stories. To those who never expected to find happily-ever-after on their wedding day or the moment their eyes locked with somebody else’s across a crowded café. To the girls who grew up measuring success based on what they achieved for themselves – what they worked through, what they accomplished and what they did not let diminish them along the way.

“Here’s to the damsels who pulled themselves out of distress and to the heroines who didn’t wait around to be saved.”

Here is to women who grew up searching for the dreams that they wanted to realize and the people they wanted to become, not just the man who would sweep them away from the tragedy of their mundane existence. To the women who hoped that their lives would be thrillers, adventure novels, comedies and occasionally pornos but never predominantly…

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When He Comes Crawling Back After He Already Left

you deserve a fresh start, a new life apart from him.
you deserve to be at the pedestal.

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Flickr / Maddie Photography~ Flickr / Maddie Photography~

What if one day the love of your life returns? Asking you for a second chance, asking you for you to be back in his arms again, asking you to love him once more?

Would you let him? Would you give him another chance? Would you just forget all the pain he brought you? Would you just forget all those nights that all you did was shed your tears while watching heartbreaking movies because he left you without even realizing how hurt you would be? Would you just let him enter your life once more believing in his promise that he would not dare to hurt you anymore?

Of course, you would say to yourself and have that “what if” moment if maybe this time it’s going to be better, if maybe this time it’s going to be different, if maybe this time he really wouldn’t…

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This Is Me Letting You Go

very well said, this is me letting you go now.
this time im the one who got away.

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This is me accepting that you’re leaving. It’s my acknowledgment that there’s no further argument to make, no angle left to take, no plea or bargain I could wager that could get you to change your mind and stay. This is my subtle resignation to our downfall. This is the crack running between our two hearts that turned into a valley and engulfed us. It’s my acceptance of all I couldn’t bridge.

This is me knowing that we don’t get a do-over – not on the last night I spent asleep beside you or the last time I told you I loved you or the first moment I felt us start to drift apart. I know we don’t always get second chances. I know I do not get to go back in time and kiss you slower, love you stronger, linger five extra minutes in bed every morning that I…

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This Is How You’ll Know When You’ve Truly Moved On

you know you’ve moved on when he came back to you after so long and you realize he’s not worth the second chance :))

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Flickr / BahadorFlickr / Bahador

We’ve all been there. In the midst of the most perfect and fairytale-ish relationship, out of the blue comes a full stop. And ninety-five percent of the times, you don’t even see it coming. One day, you’re just sitting on your bed, happily daydreaming about what your wedding will be like, and suddenly, you hit a wall. He will look serenely into your eyes, and for the first time, you won’t be able to detect even a drop of love in them.

He’ll say that it’s not working anymore, or that he needs some space to figure out who he is, or that it’s just not meant to be, or that he met someone else, or that he’s moving. And finally, after delivering the typical it’s-not-you-it’s-me and I’m-sorry, he’ll silently walk away, leaving you all alone to pick up the pieces and start over.

And it hurts…

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Why you should never go back to someone who hurt you by Sophia Wu

Sharing some post from Elitedaily.

This reminds me of a very familiar situation.

There are certain people to whom you’re attracted who are just plain toxic, regardless of whether you’re dating or just hooking up.

There’s an insatiable irresistibility about these people, in the way that they are close enough to you just to be out of reach.

It’s like you are constantly grasping for the threads of hope they dangle in front of you, whether intentional or not, but you somehow still find your fingers slipping into thin air.

You fall flat on your face, and it’s not the first time you’ve done it, nor the last.

You love seeing this person’s name light up on your phone. You would do anything to see him or her genuinely smile. You crave the way he or she looks at you when you’re alone together.

But, you’re looking into his or her eyes and you’re not quite getting the reflection you want.

There’s a disconnect, a sense of distance that tells you he or she isn’t quite present with you and never will be, despite how badly you want him or her to be.

He or she can say you’re beautiful, and you want to believe it because the words reach a part of you that makes you ache in both pleasure and pain.

A part of you seeks the pain this person gives you. It’s a twisted cycle of going back and forth to this person, and you can’t stop yourself from returning because of all the possibilities you convince yourself await.

“Maybe, this time will be different,” you tell yourself with willful naiveté. You know better, but you turn a blind eye, anyway.

The issue in being the one who always gets hurt is rationality takes the backseat in driving your decisions. You know perfectly well what is happening, what the consequences will be and why it’s bad for you.

You’re well aware there’s a difference between someone who treats you like a priority and someone who treats you as an option.

Usually, rationality does eventually win, but often, it takes a while to get there. Your emotions trump the bald truth screaming in your face because you give in too easily to your desire to wrap your arms around his or her neck again.

I suppose this can be perceived as weak and emotionally immature, and to an extent, it is.

We’re told to never settle for less than we deserve. So, why do we do it? Does giving in to temptation and giving up some of our power to someone who doesn’t regard us as high as we deserve make us lesser?

Perhaps, it just makes us all the more human to be foolish, hopeful, vulnerable and stubborn, all at once.

We purposely won’t listen to our friends’ advice, fully aware of the damages that will arrive after that long-anticipated, most likely drunken, kiss. All we want is for them to want us, too.

Getting hurt is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with someone else. It happens to even the strongest among us because we all have feelings and memories of which we are reluctant to let go.

But, I realize that while you may not be able to control how you feel, you do have control over how you allow yourself to be treated.

As much as we’d like to believe people would change for us, they, realistically, never will. It’s important we recognize and accept that.

There’s only so much you can tolerate, and part of the solution is figuring out your limits and what you ultimately want for yourself. It’s not easy when you find yourself slipping back into old, familiar patterns. But, in the end, your happiness is in your hands.

Some people, no matter how much we are drawn to them, are not worth that sacrifice.

Hello world!

So here I am and my blog…

The reasons why I started this :

1. I want to share the fun activities i do here in abu dhabi
2. Who I am and How I live
3. How I survive and how I became a part of an ambitious team
4. Where I will be travelling.

🙂 let’s do this and conquer the world.